Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Are Not Alone

Anne and I commented last week that there is definitely some magic in caching with someone else. The challenges and conversations that come out during this time are often fun and quite random! I don't see caching as an individual sport. So, because of this I did not go out caching today but a hike. Determined to get fit this summer, I walked along the harbour and up to Moana Pool for a few laps.

Feeling quite virtuous and enjoying the sunshine, I stopped for some lunch in a square in town. Enjoying the scenery I thought to myself that this would be a fantastic place for a cache.

Short version of the story was that I was actually sitting right next to my one find for the day. Got me thinking... just how many caches I have been so close to previously when I did not even know they even existed.  I guess that's the magic of caching!

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  1. Too true, Claire. How often we have walked past many caches not knowing they were there. And once you have found them, you have a little smile as you pass them again. This time, because, you know you have found it.


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